March 11, 2014

One year, fifty three days and (I'm guessing) a few hours...

...that's how long it's been since I last posted here. Whoa, that's a long time! And sometimes it feels like a long time, but other times it feels like it's gone by in the blink of an eye. A lot has happened in the one year, fifty three days since I last shared my thoughts with you. Change has been ever present and constant and I've learned to make friends with him, even if it hasn't always been easy.

Our little guy came into the world last June, bringing with him a renewed breath of life to both N and me. Life, it seems, got that much sweeter and our hearts so full of love, we thought they just might burst. Almost 9 months later, I still find it unfathomable how my heart can continue to grow and make even more room for the love I have for this little boy. He's amazing and he's challenged me in ways I never thought possible. And if you don't believe me, you should see my instagram feed - it's documentation of how proud I am to be Tucker's mother!

As all mothers know, caring for a child is hard work - it's the hardest work I've ever known. I love every minute of it, but I've also found myself needing an outlet. BT (before Tucker), making jewelry was my outlet, photography was my outlet, this little blog was my outlet. AT (after Tucker), a lot of those things were shoved aside and now that I'm almost a year into motherhood, working mom motherhood, I've found myself needing this little space more and more. To release, to share, to cheer on...whatever it may be, I need a little corner of the world that's all mine.

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