March 31, 2014

Take Notice: Spring

I've been bogged down with so much recently that Spring's arrival almost crept by me without my taking notice. My mind has been preoccupied with worry and my heart has been reeling for days on end trying to make sense of the world. I feel as though I've been walking around with blinders for months and this weekend, the beauty of Spring miraculously crept into my view, if only for a few hours.

When the bluebonnets come out in Texas, it's hard not to stop and revel in their beauty. They go on for miles and miles and blanket the ground in a wondrous bluish purple color. I couldn't resist taking a break from things to do as any good Texas mother would and take pictures of my boy in a field full of them. After all, it's tradition.

Tuck was a good sport. He looks happy in these pictures, but he's had a rough go of it, battling ear infections since January. And unbeknownst to me at the time of taking these pictures, he had wicked double ear infections AGAIN. I feel like a sorry excuse for a mother since I didn't know, but you guys, this kid is just so happy all the time, it's hard to tell when something really is bothering him. Woe is me, right?!

He's one tough kid, I tell you. And it's his toughness that inspires me everyday to keep on doing what I've got to do, face what must be met and above all know that life is full of hope even in its darkest days. I love this kid!

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