September 8, 2014

Healing Sands

We headed down to the coast for a few days of rest and relaxation, seeking out the healing sands and soothing ocean to cleanse our hearts, souls and minds. Watching Tuck discover new things at every turn (birds! sand! seaweed!) filled my heart with joy and calmed my frenzied mind.

It was his second trip to the beach, but he was only a month old for that first trip. He ran and ran and ran. He loved it so much he couldn't believe his eyes, that a sandbox this big existed just for him!

My dad loved the beach. I remember so many trips we took to the beach in North Carolina growing up - it was our go-to vacation as a family. Dad losing his ray bans in the ocean...jumping waves holding hands with him...building sand castles together...walking on the beach laughing at him wearing jams! Making memories with my son at the beach was cathartic to say the least.

One morning before the rain came in, we went down to the beach to take a walk. Tuck was scared, the wind was blowing and the skies were ominous, until he zeroed in on a pink volleyball that had rolled into the dunes. With a ball in hand, his fear dissipated and he just played. I got some of my favorite photos from the trip capturing his morning with a pink ball on a deserted beach.

The only souvenirs we brought home were a few shells, lots of good memories and renewed hearts.

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