February 4, 2011

Love: Mail Swaps

I love getting mail...real mail, like an actual handwritten letter with a stamp on it that's delivered by my friendly neighborhood postman. In this digital age, it's not very often that someone takes the time to write a letter and post in the mail. So, I was thrilled when a little while back I became blog acquainted with Cha at the runaway romantique. Living in Paris with her husband, she's a lover of mail...real mail...like me! And so, after exchanging a few emails, we began work on our first mail swap, aka care package full of goodies.

Cha's package arrived on my doorstep this past week, bringing with it an astounding sense of warmth that's kept with me through these cold dreary days we've had recently.
Lovely packaging & a personal handwritten letter
French candies & vintage postcards and prints from a Parisian Flea Market
London Goods: event fliers, gold headband, mirror and cow (love that cow-makes me smile) 

Paper goods, gift tags & ribbon
Notebooks & notecards
Little things: highlighters, bookmark, vintage lace & candles
Cha, thank you for all the lovely goods and for introducing me to mail swaps! Now that I've completed my first one, I'm hooked! Are you interested in doing a mail swap?

Update: If you're interested in seeing the things I sent Cha, check out her post here


  1. Oh how lovely! This is so beautiful!
    I wish i could do a mail swap!

    1. They sure are fun! I haven't done one since this, but would love to do one again :)



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