February 1, 2011

A-round and A-bout: Lily

This is Lily. She's my best bud and gal pal...a girl's best friend, if you will. Now, Lily and I spend almost every moment that we can together (we'd both not have it any other way) and a lot of that time is spent outside, exploring the neighborhood on walks and enjoying the usual sunny weather we have around here. Lily and I barely go a day without a good walk - she obsessively sniffing everything in sight and gaily prancing around, flipping her tail in an effort to gain anyone's attention that might be happening by - and me, bopping my head, singing along to my latest playlist while snapping pictures of anything that catches my eye.

 I thought it would be fun to showcase some of my pictures from these walks here in a series called A-round and A-bout. For this first, A-round and A-bout, I'm featuring Lily, since she's my daily inspiration to get up off my bum and get outside. Isn't she cute?

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