February 15, 2011

A-round and A-bout: Snow

It's not often that we see snow in Austin, so it was quite a treat to have about an inch of snowfall a few weeks ago. Mind you it only lasted several hours, as the sun emerged around 11am and melted it all. I, however, took full advantage of my snow day; rising early enough to begin the day with a good homemade breakfast that kept me full and warm while trekking through the cold to capture the beautiful winter wonderland!

pawprints and footprints
tread-prints and texture
frozen pothole = mini-pond
snow covered Agave
shoe outline
mini snowman


  1. beautiful photographs - love the first one of your breakfast!

  2. Thank you, Emma. I appreciate you taking some time to visit my little corner of the web and for your lovely compliment on my photography. I do so enjoy following you at The Marion House Book!



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