November 1, 2011

My DIY: As Seen on Knit Darling

via Knit Darling
Here is a little peak at some of my DIY projects as of late. I've been making a lot of friendship bracelets; if you haven't heard, they're all the craze right now! I've enjoyed making them for friends, family and co-workers over the past few months - there's something therapeutic in the repetition of tying knots over and over. I sent the one pictured to my lovely and talented sister-in-law, Alexis. She's an artist, a seamstress, a printed textile designer and a knitter extraordinaire! There's not much this girl can't do so check out her websites, Alexis Winslow (for art related work) and Knit Darling (for knit related work). She gave me the loveliest shout out on her blog; it made me smile from ear to ear! Thanks, Alexis!
via Knit Darling
I've also been making a lot of cards recently. My mother-in-law bought me some washi tape (pictured above) when we were visiting them (she knew I would dig it) and I seriously can't get enough of it! I've even decided to take the plunge and make our Christmas cards this year (call me crazy!). Stay tuned: now that it's November, I'm sure I'll be posting about that nutty endeavor before too long. 

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