November 10, 2011

Of the Moment: Wall Galleries

Gertrude Stein's Paris Apartment, The Grand Palais via HiP Paris Blog
I've long been a lover of art; something about the history surrounding a piece and the aesthetic beauty of it just draws me in. Colors, lines, shapes and abstractions: my sense of being gets swept away in them, only to return stuck in a state of awe. I could spend hours in museums -- I'm sure I spent at least a quarter of my whole time living in Manhattan taking in every inch of every museum gallery that exists there.

Gertrude Stein's Paris Apartment, The Grand Palais via HiP Paris Blog
Obviously, I will never have an art collection even close to the caliber of a museum or Gertrude Stein, but I can recreate the gallery feel for my own home's walls. And that's just what N and I have done with one wall in our living room. It's a continual work in progress, as I know we'll keep adding new art to the wall or change things out (or *gasp* even expand it to more walls!). I love the "lived-in" feel it adds to our home and that it reflects both mine and N's aesthetics, each personally and together collectively.

via The Style Files
via Brabourne Farm
via The Selby
I think they're like a huge collage of beautiful things you love! What do you think of wall galleries? Do you have one in your home?

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