February 15, 2012

Eats: A Beet Cake

I made this Beet Cake to go along with N's surprise Valentine. I had never roasted beets before, and then I roasted them not once, but twice while he was out of town. Funny how things like that happen. This cake was delicious...and moist...and not at all beet-like. There was the slightest hint of beet, but it only served to enhance the chocolate flavor of the cake. And can I just state for the record how beautiful and rich and deep the color of beet juice is -that flower in the picture is almost an exact color match! We indulged on this cake all weekend long, and I might, just might, have even had some for breakfast this week. Please don't tell on me; but then again I have heard of this new fad diet that is all about eating cake for breakfast, so maybe I got a little caught up in that. 

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