February 16, 2012

Of the Moment: Some Things I'm Loving

A few things so lovely I haven't been able to get them out of my head recently:

The classic film Summertime starring none other than the fabulous Katharine Hepburn and the alluring Rossano Brazzi. I discovered this movie on TV just as I was going to bed and couldn't bring myself to turn it off. There was something so appealing in watching Hepburn, the headstrong lady we all know her to be, playing an independent single woman that is completely taken off guard by this handsome Italian shop owner. She was nervous; she was self-conscious; she avoided eye contact; she stumbled (all the way into a canal!). It was charming watching them fall in love, liberating to watch Hepburn's character let down her guard and heart wrenching watching her wave goodbye to Venice in the end.

Tea. I've never ever been a tea drinker; not even ice tea. But I've recently been drinking tea almost every night and even some mornings. For a beginner like me, I'm currently hooked on Bellocq's Little Dickens, a chocolate kissed children's tea. I adore it - so good with a little milk and a tad of sugar!

The peaceful calm from the sunrise last Sunday morning. The light came streaming down and illuminated this plant in our front yard - it was breathtaking - I ran for my camera to capture the moment. I've been holding on to its memory all week...

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