February 18, 2012

Photography: V is for Vintage

Day 18. My camera and I got in a fight yesterday. That's why I took yesterday off. The camera, of course, did what it was supposed to do, the photographer, however, became increasingly frustrated with not being able to do capture what she was hoping. I decided it was best to leave it and start again today. I woke up knowing I was going to have to confront the camera and honestly, was dreading it. Instead of succumbing to my dread, I decided to face it head on and make today's photo about the camera. Well, actually my father's old camera that he gave me last year. I grew up with this camera capturing every aspect of our lives. I love this camera and I especially love the camera strap that my father put on it; it's straight from the 70s and and he never once took it off. After taking this photo, I took the strap right off this camera and put it on mine, a rite of passage of sorts I suppose, and it won't be coming off anytime soon.

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