March 1, 2012

Photography: P is for Perfect Ending

Day 30. I suppose technically I'm braking the rules, because I took this shot last week, and not today, for my final photo. But really, it's the perfect photo for me to finish this project with, because without having participated in Souvenir Foto School, I wouldn't have maniacally pulled off the road at 50mph to capture this sight. I think that offsets the fact that I'm bending the rules here.

It was serendipity, this sunset moment, and bitter sweet at the same time. With an unexpected and sudden passing in our family, we headed straight up to Oklahoma to be with family and celebrate a wonderful person's life. Driving along a long country road, we couldn't help noticing how beautiful the sky was, tinged with purple and orange. I knew there weren't going to be many sunsets like the one we were experiencing and I frantically searched for a place to pull off the road so I could try to take some pictures. We finally happened upon a church, of all places, and pulled into its drive. When we parked, we saw the most amazing sight: a small hill overlooking a pond reflecting the most magnificent sky I've ever laid eyes upon! N and I stood there in quiet awe as we silently gave thanks for each other and for this life.

I took so many pictures, not only to capture the beauty to share with others, but to be able to hold onto that moment and that feeling. It was a tough decision to pick just one of the photos; to me, they all represent the perfect ending to a February full of challenge and growth, ever-changing in color, composition and pattern.


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    1. Thank you so much! Your photos of Chicago for the project are amazing!



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