May 2, 2012

Photography: Creative Captures Week 4

Confession: I haven't been nearly as focused on Souvenir Foto School this time around as I think I ought to have been. Opening the shop the same month as doing this class has left me with little time to pick up my camera outside of photographing my shop goods. I feel like I've been going full speed ahead creatively, but outside of "shop world", I've been lacking energy and inspiration for this class. Hence why I've jumped ahead to week 4's photographs, I'm too embarrassed to even post week 3's photos. Awful, simply awful. Week 4 was devoted to color, so I did get some decent shots this time. The cacti in our neighborhood are going wild with flowers and I scooted down to one insanely gorgeous one and snapped these two pics. Well, I snapped more than two, but these two were my favorites of the lot!

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