April 25, 2012

Of the Moment: Color

Since a majority of my free time is spent working on new necklace designs, color has become a predominant theme in my life as of late. I often feel as if I'm on an endless search to discover new-to-me color combinations. One advantage to this all consuming search, color seems to be the thing right now. Lucky for me, this means my search hasn't been too far or too wide because it's been popping up everywhere!

Here are a few colorful things that have been inspiring some of my latest necklaces:

Added bonus: this week's Creative Captures assignment is all about color and pattern! Stay tuned to see what kind of color story I end up capturing through my lens.

image credits: Georgia O’Keeffe’s collection of handmade pastels, Annie Leibovitz via VogueOpen Window, 1914, Henri Matisse via SFMOMA; A Creative Mint via The Style Files; Cara Accessories, Striped Bangles via MadewellAix-en-Provence Market via BonParisian; Terra Necklace via Ship & Shape


  1. Very inspiring. I love how the Terra Necklace looks like those candy necklaces we ate as kids. So neat.

    1. Hadn't thought about that, but it totally does! Maybe that's why my eye was so drawn to it - I loved those things when I was a kid.



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