April 2, 2012

Spring...Just Can't Get Enough

There's a central road that runs up the middle of our neighborhood and its divided by north and south with a median. Come Spring, this median is a vast meadow of green spotted with bright pops of color from all the wildflowers. Lily and I couldn't resist taking a little stroll down it to photograph all the beautiful Spring flowers.

There were these cute little yellow butterflies floating around everywhere. I did my best to try to capture one and this last picture was the best I could do - kind of like a Where's Waldo picture, Where's the Yellow Butterfly?


  1. As a fellow nature lover, one who hears to call of the wild ;), I am loving these nature posts. Your photos are so gorgeous! I just want to crawl inside them and live there.

    1. Oh, thank you Mary! Having never been much of an outdoors kind of gal, the older I've gotten the more amazed I've become with Nature. It's like I'm discovering a whole new world each time I step out the door.



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